Baking has always been a part of our family. Some of our strongest childhood memories are of our mother making us kids birthday cakes in the shapes of farmhouses and UFOs, and our grandmother making red “Ang Ku Kueh” (tortoise-shaped red glutinous dumplings filled with mung bean paste).

To us, cakes are much more than the sum of their parts. Like a celebratory toast, cakes are the marker for the most important events in our lives.

To us, cakes equal happiness which is why every happy occasion must be graced with the presence of cake.


Cakes mark the ending of a large (or small) party, when everyone gathers round to remember why they came together in the first place. In a way, the act of cutting cake is ritualistic and comforting.

This blog is just a way for us to jot down our cake and creative expressions, and for us to share our happy times. We hope that you’ll find it interesting and entertaining!

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